Our Horses:

The horses and their riders have a very difficult job. They are continuously exposed to demanding environments while on patrol. This can include situations commonly encountered in dense urban areas such as heavy traffic,  sirens, other animals, large crowds of people, etc. Our Mounted Unit is not breed or colour specific, CASI Security has chosen very carefully our horses after being assessed on the following criteria:

  • Suitable mind and temperament to manage the stressful exposures of our work

  • Excellent physical condition and a physical ability to perform the patrols as determined by experience CASI Security personal with over 40 years of Experian's

  • No younger than 8 years old, with a previous foundation of basic training

  • At least 15.3 hands high, or approximately 5’3” to the base of the neck

  • Successfully complete a 10-12 week trial evaluation period

If you see the CASI Security horse Unit on patrol or at an event, please feel free to approach us and the horses to say 'hi'. For a safety reasons, always make sure you have the attention of the rider and approach from the front where the rider and horse can see you, never from behind. The Riders and the horses enjoy interacting with the public!

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