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Our company offers many different services and customized packages 

At C.A.S.I we understand everyone's needs are different


  • Uniform Guards

  • Loss Prevention

  • Mall security

  • Fire Watch

  • Customer Service

  • Access Control

  • Event Security

  • Office & Residential Building security

  • Traffic and Parking Bylaw Enforcement 

  • Executive Protection

  • VIP Protection

Why not talk to a CASI Security Manager today and prevent unnecessary loss to your business for tomorrow.

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Security Officers

CASI Security officers are trained and equipped to operate in a diverse range of situations and locations. 

We can provide permanent or casual officers 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

As part of our total service package, we will enhance your business image through a complementary security image.


CASI Security Officers are polite, proactive, professional, and adept individuals. These qualities combined with a friendly, happy demeanor make them likable and easy to work with. Our stringent recruitment process ensures that all of our staff are confident and capable. Having attracted the best quality employees to ensure that they stay on the team. We view all of our staff as valuable resources. Our attractive remuneration packages and HR development programs ensure that our officers are performing to their best at all times.

The CASI Security training package is both thorough and professional, combining both on and off the job training programs to ensure that all team members are fully aware of all the requirements of their job. Our constant performance monitoring program makes certain that this knowledge and capability is followed through with an application. All of our team members are in constant contact with a patrolling supervisor for their area, and they know that should the need arise they can call for assistance or advice at any time. This support promotes the sense of team spirit and trusts that CASI officers have each other's backs.

At CASI we are not sure whether it is the superior skills and knowledge our officers possess, or the job satisfaction that they enjoy, it may be the sense of fulfillment that comes with passing a strict recruitment process to join the best protection team in Canada. We’re not exactly sure what it is, but something has led to our team members developing an unusual habit in the security industry...they smile! and that is good for business, yours and ours.
New clients tell us that one of the major drawbacks of contracting rather than in-house recruiting is not knowing who you are getting and how qualified they are to do the job.

Event Security

Are you organizing or hosting a birthday party, wedding or a corporate function?. The special occasion can be spoiled by gate crashers or intoxicated people who have had one too many drinks. You can protect your guests from experiencing the awkward nature of these events by speaking to CASI Security and allowing us to tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

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